Mikal Matton, LPC


Mikal Matton, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a LPC Supervisor who is intensively trained in DBT.

Mikal works with clients of all ages but is especially passionate about working with young adults and teens and has been active working in the therapeutic community in New Orleans since 2004. Mikal integrates her interests in holistic healing, yoga, meditation and mind-body relaxation in all of her treatments and at times with have her sweet 8 year old Cattle dog to assist in session.


Mikal has experience treating PTSD, depression, anxiety, mood disorders and borderline personality disorder. Mikal is a co-leader in the young adult groups and also sees clients individually. Mikal co-founded DBT NOLA to help facilitate and provide DBT services to a greater number of people in the New Orleans Area. Mikal is also certified through Brene Brown as a Daring Greatly therapist. Mikal accepts TriCare and BlueCrossBlueShield.