How does DBT work…

DBT consists of three parts — two of which directly involve the DBT client.

  1. colorwaves2Individual DBT therapy with a trained DBT therapist
  2. DBT weekly Skills Class
  3. DBT Consultation Team for therapists

1. In individual DBT therapy the therapist acts as the skills coach and assists the client in tailoring The DBT skills to the client’s specific needs and goals. Research has shown that it is imperative that the client work with a trained DBT individual therapist. If you currently have a therapist who isn’t DBT-trained your Skills Class instructors can help you find a therapist or work with your current therapist if he / she is willing.

zen12. DBT Skills Class is sometimes called DBT Group Therapy but it really runs more like a class. The class provides a supportive environment for learning and practicing skills with others without getting into participants’ personal challenges. Learning skills in this environment means you are free to focus more on your personal goals in individual therapy. In skills class you study five different modules:

  • Core Mindfulness
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Distress Tolerance
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness

3. DBT therapists participate in Consultation Teams with other DBT therapists to support each other and to get coaching when needed.