DBT Skills Group


Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. -Maria Robinson

DBT (Dialectic Behavior Therapy) skills group is an intensive psycho- educational group. The group focus is to develop skills to help regulate emotions and manage harmful behaviors. DBT skills can be helpful to a range of diagnosis including, borderline personality disorder, anxiety, depression, bi-polar, eating disorders and substance use. The main aim of DBT is to affect change in behavior and lifestyle, which is done by applying techniques with a focus on problem-solving through learning more about your emotions, triggers to situations and how you can become more aware in the present moment.

This group will cover 5 skill topics:

  • Mindfulness: focuses on quality of attention and awareness

  • Distress tolerance: focuses on learning to get through a time of crisis and distress

  • Interpersonal effectiveness: focuses on relationships, specifically

    learning to make requests, set boundaries and maintain self-respect

  • Emotional regulation: focuses on decreasing emotional sensitivity/intensity, gaining control over unwanted emotions

  • Middlepath: focuses on using cognitive awareness and acceptance to decrease emotional vulnerability and strengthen compromise

Groups start at varying times throughout the year. Please contact DBT NOLA or the individual therapist for more details.

Adolescent Group (ages 13-18) – led by Kristin Wolfe, LCSW.

Young Adult Group (18-28 aprox.)  – led by Daliah Bauer, PhD.

Adult Group – led by Mikal Matton, LPC.

(Updated : 06/02/2016)