For referring therapists

If you work with an adolescent or adult client that you believe could benefit from DBT therapy, we are happy to talk with you about a referral. Call Yelena with your questions or to tell us about your client.

What happens after the referral?
Your client and the significant adult /parent will meet with either Johnna or Linda for a screening and educational session about DBT. If we feel the client is of appropriate age and/or maturity for the class we will give him/her and the adult a start date for the class and notify you.

If you will be the DBT individual therapist will check in with you from time-to-time to discuss your client’s progress. You are free to call us any time.

Can I continue to work with my client if I’m not a DBT Therapist?
DBT policy is that if your client has self-harm behaviors or is suicidal we will accept the client into the group. Research indicates that the most gains are made if the referring clinician is willing to participate in a DBT consultation team for therapists while the client is in the class and is able to support the application of skills in individual sessions.

National studies, as well as our personal experience, have shown no benefit to individuals who engage in borderline personality-like behaviors in participating in DBT skills class without DBT individual psychotherapy.

Clients who do not have self-harm behaviors may be able to benefit from DBT skills classes with a non-DBT or a DBT-informed psychotherapist.

If you are not able to participate in a consultation team, we can help you find an appropriate DBT therapist to coach your client.