Welcome to DBT NOLA

DBT NOLA is a group of individual psychotherapists with the shared goal of providing quality Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Our goal is to build a therapeutic, nurturing, and transformative environment to foster and sustain lives worth living. DBT NOLA therapists strive to assist each patient to develop a healthy balance between accepting life’s challenges and moving forward through a journey of change.

We are a group of DBT intensively trained psychotherapists and have been intensively trained from Behavioral Tech, LLC (founded by Marsha Lineham, PhD). We adhere to the therapeutic model, which includes weekly consultation meetings to provide peer consultation and support each other’s efforts to provide individual and group therapy based on the DBT model. Each therapist also has a unique set of therapeutic skills and provides treatment in other modalities as well.

Please view more specifics about DBT therapy here on this website and/or contact us to see if we may help you today. Please check our therapy groups page to request more information about upcoming groups.